Tribal and Folkoric Style Bellydance

Tribal Style Bellydance

Tribal Style is an American based dance that uses Middle Eastern format to express the dance. Originally created as a format for groups of dancers to perform at Renaissance Faires and Festivals, this style has become extremely popular in the belly dance world. Performed usually as a group dance, Tribal offers women the chance to dance together and share their experiences.

Folkloric Bellydance

Folkloric encompasses the folkoric styles of dance commonly seen in the Middle East. Fokloric style includes such dances actually showing the different dances that come from the Middle East such as the Pot Dance, Basket Dance, and Kaligi. Normally performed in costuming that is more authentic of the garb worn in the particular region of the dance's origin and featuring music indigenous to the area as well, Folkloric style dance requires not only an ability to dance, but a knowledge of the culture, the customing, the music and the styles endemic to the region.


Known by many names: Bellydance, Raqs Sharki, Danse Oriental, Oriental Dance, the genre encompasses many styles of costuming, music and dance. The Coalition wants to be able to show all the differences that Middle Eastern Dance has to offer.

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