Other Ethnic Styles and Influences

Many theories abound as to the origin of Middle Eastern dance, which has clearly been influenced heavily by many cultures.

One of the most popular theories is that Classical Indian dance is at the heart of many styles. Groups migrating from India have been theorized to have influenced not only Bellydance, but Flamenco, and Polynesian dance as well.

In addition, modern access to classes, videos and information regarding other dance styles has had an impact on this dance style. It is not uncommong to find that American bellydancers not only study bellydance but other forms as well.. Flamenco, Hula, East Indian dance including Bollywood, all have made their mark on belly dance. The Coalition includes these forms of dance within its structure and performances to show how other cultures influence belly dance.


Known by many names: Bellydance, Raqs Sharki, Danse Oriental, Oriental Dance, the genre encompasses many styles of costuming, music and dance. The Coalition wants to be able to show all the differences that Middle Eastern Dance has to offer.

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