Learn to Bellydance

The following coalition members teach the art of bellydance

Ashiya Ali

Instructor, Southeast Community College

Ashiya Ali has taught classes since 1973 and has been at SCC since 2006. Beginning and Intermediate classes are available during the fall and spring semesters.

Please see the SCC Continuing Education website for class times and locations.

Della Gushen

Owner: Chrysalis Dance Studio

Della has been teaching since 1970. Della teaches tribal, folkloric and cabaret style dances through her studio.

Please check her website for class listings..

Learn About Bellydance

Want to learn more about this artform? Below are links to several quality websites about this artform:


Shira Dot Net

Shira dot net is known worldwide as THE source of scholarship and information regarding the art of bellydance.

Not only a scholar, Shira also has many years of experience as a professional dancer.

The Gilded Serpent

Online Magazine

The Gilded Serpent, published by Lynette Harris is one of the most well known e-zines for Bellydance

Features articles about recent and upcoming events, how-to articles and articles about the history and culture of bellydance.

Zaghareet Magazine


Available in print only, Zaghareet is a highly respected magazine dedicated to the art of bellydance