Cabaret Style Bellydance

Often called Cabaret Style because it was made popular in the night clubs, this genre encompasses many different facets of Middle Eastern dance. Costuming can range in type from the Hollywood influenced costume called a bedlah, which typically features a sequined and or jeweled bra and belt and worn usually with a skirt, but sometimes with pants to very popular dresses resembling evening gowns, often with extremely ornate beading, and other decoration. Depending on the country, the costume, dance and music styles can very greatly. Turkish costuming and music is different from Egyptian costuming and music with each reflecting different aspects of the dance. There are a multitude of props that can be incorporated into the dance: veils, swords, tray with candles, zills and wings to mention a few.


Known by many names: Bellydance, Raqs Sharki, Danse Oriental, Oriental Dance, the genre encompasses many styles of costuming, music and dance. The Coalition wants to be able to show all the differences that Middle Eastern Dance has to offer.

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